Looks to address issue of non-payment from advertising agencies

INS asks publishers to accept remuneration only in cash for election ad campaigns

The Indian Newspaper Society has advised its members to accept advertisements related to election campaigns only on cash payment basis.    A statement signed by the secretary general, Mary Paul, indicates that publications in the past failed to recover payments from advertising agencies in relation to election campaigns.    The note stated:    "It may be recalled that member publications, in the past, were not able to recover substantial amounts as a result of non-receipt of payments from advertising agencies in respect of advertisements relating to election campaigns. This was perhaps mainly due to non-receipt, in turn, of payments from the advertisers concerned to the agencies.   In order to safeguard against such contingencies arising once again, in the context of the forthcoming elections to certain State Assemblies, it is advised that members may accept advertisements relating to election campaigns only on cash payment basis."

Read more at: https://www.campaignindia.in/article/ins-asks-publishers-to-accept-election-ads-remuneration-only-in-cash/454799



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